Suspension Services

If you experience dipping and shaking when your vehicle passes through uneven roads or potholes, it is time your car needs urgent mechanical care. And thus this is when you can totally rely on the Suspension Specialists at Braketech who deals with your vehicle which is pulling one way or tyres are not wearing evenly. And to render our car owners an efficient performance we concentrate on the following suspension repair components:

• Thorough inspections and repair or replace shocks and struts.
• Fit and modify suspension including lift kits, lowering kits and alignment kits.
• Examines the control arm and bushings which allow the wheels to move up and down.

As a car service suspension system is the most crucial element of your car and to provide that passenger comfort our mechanical team takes the ownership of contemplating and later fixing them which includes erratic steering, uneven or excessive tire wear and poor handling. And thus hiring the workforce of Braketech is the wise choice as few of the benefits are:

• Competitive prices and best workmanship
• Quality guaranteed
• On time delivery
• Trustworthy customized services

Holding on to the above mentioned servicing responsibilities we also recommend that your vehicle’s suspension system be checked at least once a year along with a wheel alignment and for other bent or damaged suspension parts be assured as we are all there to protect you from the premature damage that can cause to other parts of vehicle.

Suspension Service
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