Mechanic Hughesdale

Servicing your car regularly can keep it running appropriately at all times. Here at Braketech, we have experienced professional mechanics who have been in the industry for many years. We provide a full range of car services to our clients across the Hughesdale suburb. Apart from car repairs, our auto parts shop supplies quality tires and batteries for all makes and models of vehicles. Some of the car services we offer include:

General Car Services & Repairs Hughesdale

We are proud of being the alternative to dealerships and provide quality car services that can keep your manufacturer’s warranty intact. We offer preventative maintenance services for all types of vehicles at factory scheduled intervals.

Our general car services & repairs include:

  • Logbook service
  • Clutch replacement and repairs
  • Brake repair and service
  • Car battery replacement
  • Wheel balancing
  • Oil change
  • Car mechanical services
  • Tire fitting and balancing

Battery Repairs & Replacement Hughesdale

If you are facing battery problems and you are planning to replace it, we have you covered. We offer affordable, high-quality car batteries, and our car mechanics can handle issues like worn-out spark plugs, heater plugs, burnt ignition cords, and discharged batteries.

Roadworthy Certificate Hughesdale

A roadworthy certificate is an essential document to obtain when buying or selling a used car. We are a licensed vehicle tester in Hughesdale with the mandate of inspecting vehicles and issuing a roadworthy certificate if the cars meet all the safety regulations that VicRoads has set.

Tires & Wheel Alignment Hughesdale

If your car is pulling to one particular side, or the tires are wearing unevenly, your vehicle needs a wheel alignment. Our certified car mechanics at Braketech can realign your tires with the help of high-tech equipment. We have also stocked our auto parts shop with quality wheels and tires for high-performance cars, SUVs, sports cars, and trucks. We sell quality tires at affordable prices. Apart from tire sales, we can recommend the right set of tires and help fit the tires. We also offer wheel rotation and flat tire repair services.

Braketech is a leading car service & car repair centre in the Hughesdale suburb. We have all the solutions for your car repair needs. You can depend on the expertise of our certified car mechanics to keep your vehicle in excellent condition.

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