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4WD Specialist Melbourne

As a team that is committed to high quality service, we give our customers a great experience both with our repairs and customer service. Among which the 4WD services we offer includes- repairing any damage as well as any modifications. And ensuring that you get the best care for your car, we have a 4WD specialist team who tenders extensive range of auto services such as:

• Vehicle servicing
• Motor modifications & repairs
Steering repairs & modifications
• Cooling system repairs
• Pre & post-trip inspections

Furthermore, we fit quality 4WD equipment which withstands Australia’s harsh conditions. As we have access to every accessory that you need to compliment your vehicle. Classifying the 4WD services into 3 categories which we continue to work with the help of our 4WD specialist Ashwood team of Braketech are:

A) 4WD Servicing-
• Oils and Service items
• Vehicle Inspection Report

B) 4WD Suspension
• Specialized wheel alignment
• Air suspension and lift kits

C) 4WD Tune-ups
• Filter replacement
• Valve adjustment

As a result our personalized service style- is not only rendering mere mechanical job roles, but we also alert you to any preventative maintenance your vehicle may need, which fits your budget and needs.

4WD Specialist
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