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Mechanic Armadale

Without doubt, brakes are the most crucial component of a vehicle. So, keeping your vehicle’s braking system in optimal condition is essential for your safety. If you are concerned about your vehicle’s brake and clutch system, you can approach the brake specialists of Braketech Melbourne for a quick solution. Serving customers across Armadale and the surrounding suburbs, our well-trained mechanics can advise you on every aspect of mechanical and air conditioning problems for all makes and models.

Brake Service Armadale:

We take the reliability and safety of your brakes seriously. Our brake specialists are professionally trained at providing the best brake service in Armadale. From replacing the brake components like brake pads, disc, drum, calipers, hoses and fluid flushing to reinstating the complete brake system, we offer a wide range of brake repair services at competitive prices.

Clutch Service Armadale:

Any problem with your clutch is something that should be addressed quickly. If your clutch is slipping out of gear, taking a long time to engage, making strange noise or not releasing smoothly, call the experts of Braketech Melbourne for clutch repairs.

Mechanical Repairs Armadale:

We not only fix the mechanical problems of your vehicle but also focus on the prevention of unplanned issues. Our 4WD specialists will evaluate your vehicle and make crucial suggestions that help you avoid unnecessary expenses. Our range of mechanical services includes air conditioning service, auto electrical service, exhaust repairs, electronic fuel injection, disc brake service, cooling system service, engine repair and rebuilding.

Auto Parts For Sale Armadale:

Our warehouse is stuffed with abundance of original components such as batteries and battery parts, terminals, cable connectors, junction boxes, auto electrical parts, nuts and bolts, gears, transmission parts, brake hoses, engine mountings, water pumps, bulbs, oils, belts, lubricants and much more for vehicles of all makes and models.

Other Car Services:

 We also provide the following car services to the industry standard.

To schedule an appointment with our car mechanic team, call us at (03) 9568 1000.

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