Clutch Repairs

Our company is fully committed in helping you find the cause of the problem and help you solve it. There are several potential causes which may result to clutch problems the most common clutch problem car owners experience is having the clutch disc worn out. Since the clutch spins against the flywheel where it becomes locked against it and uses the same speed, it will start to wear down.

For the several potential causes which may result to clutch problems, our expertise of professional car mechanics ensure that you are getting correct information about the issue as there are components which we focus upon:

• Never commence the work without calling you and advising you of cost
• The price we quote is what you pay nothing more nothing less
• We guarantee our work

Therefore if you encounter any of these common clutch problems, you can call us directly, through our highest standards of technology and machinery in the industry we are able to provide you our professional services across Oakleigh, Huntingdale, Chadstone, Ashburton, Ashwood and other nearby suburbs and they are:

• Clutch replacement
• Clutch release bearing
• Clutch cable
• Clutch fitting and all other clutch problems

Braketech mechanics are fully dedicated in ensuring that all your clutch and concerns will be solved efficiently without sacrificing the quality of service we provide. Call us at 03 9568 1000 for more information.

clutch repairs
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