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Choose Braketech for a Premium Car Service & Car Repairs in Oakleigh

There are few possessions which can cause as much stress and joy as the humble automobile. We love our cars even when they’re unreliable. We can’t get enough of our cars even when they let us down by coming to a complete standstill on the highway, on the way to work. We just love ‘em, so it makes sense to want the best for them.

At Braketech, we really do love cars. At our auto parts shop in Oakleigh, we provide expert diagnostics, vehicle repairs, logbook services, tyre replacements, engine tune ups and lots more. Whatever your car needs to run smoothly, we’ve got it. Pop by the shop for a visit or call (03) 9568 1000 today for a chat.

Braketech Repairs All Makes and Models of Vehicles

Here are some of the car repairs and services we provide at our Oakleigh auto shop:

  • Battery Replacement and Service
  • Quick and Extensive (logbook) Vehicle Services
  • Engine Management
  • Oil and Filter Cleaning/Replacement
  • Engine Repairs and Tune Ups
  • Radiator and Cooling System Repairs
  • Roadworthy Certificate
  • Tyre and Wheel Alignment
  • And Lots More!

Why Choose Braketech for Fast, Affordable Mechanic Services

At Braketech, we know owning a car is a significant expense and maintaining one can be rather costly. It’s why we strive to offer our customers some of the most competitive car mechanic prices in Oakleigh. Not only can we help you save money on car repairs, we’ll help you avoid future bills by keeping your vehicle in tip top condition.

Our auto shop is staffed by highly experienced and certified mechanics who ensure every vehicle receives a premium car service. We’re partnered with the finest suppliers in the region so, whether you need a new part or a parts inspection, you can trust the quality of our work.

Get in touch today on (03) 9568 1000 to discuss your needs and arrange an appointment at our Oakleigh auto shop. We’re here to get make sure your car always gets there.

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