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Spare Parts

The consistent orientation towards original quality of the equipment and the continual further development of the services have made Braketech, what it is today – a leading mechanical service host in the automotive industry across Oakleigh regions, Chadstone, Ashburton and Melbourne, who provides all types of car spare parts, auto parts being unified with the most prominent manufacturer Exedy. As some of the advantages you can gain by arriving at our workshop are:

• Comprehensive online services to support you
• Brand loyalty
• Your feedback is always welcome

Our specialists are knowledgeable in the purchase and use of all auto spare parts. In our main warehouses you will find a wide range of original components available for your vehicle’s treatment.

• Auto electrical parts
• Battery parts
• Battery cable
• Battery cable terminals and covers
• Battery cable connectors
• Junction boxes and posts
• Jump leads
• Busbars
• Battery charging
• Battery isolator switches
• Alternators, Rotors,
• Carbon Brushes
• Nuts & Bolts
• Hub Bolts, Washers,
• U-Bolts T- Bolts
• Transmission Parts
• Gears
• Tie-Rod Ends
• Brake Parts & Rubber Components
• Fuel Injection Pipes
• Brake Hoses and Engine Mountings
• Hydraulic Hoses
• Lights
• Water pumps
• Oil Filters
• Oils
• Additives and Lubricants
• Belts

Moreover, we take care of your concerns and provide all necessary information about the spare parts we use for mending your automotive glitches. Call us at 03 9568 1000 for more information.

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