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Mechanic Glen Waverley

Car Service Glen Waverly

At Braketech, we offer reliable car services in Glen Waverly, with the assurance of qualified, well-trained, and experienced mechanics. Competent professionals run our workshop and offer a wide range of services, including car repairs and car servicing. Through our certified mechanics, we provide a full extent of car repairs and car service options across Glen Waverly.

Some of our services include:

  • Logbook servicing
  • Brake pads and clutch replacement
  • Engine repairs replacement
  • Roadworthy inspection
  • Wheel alignment

Why Pick Braketech In Glen Waverly

We have overseas training and over 23 years of experience in both van and car repairs. We provide a reasonably priced roadworthy certificate inspection, and also service and repair all models and makes of vans and cars.

Clutch and Brake Repairs

We have well-trained car mechanics who specialise in handling clutch and brake repair. In fact, we are Melbourne’s leading Brake Specialists workshop. Our mechanics are conversant with all car models or age. Regular servicing of clutch and brake systems is essential since they get worn out as your car ages. Our mechanics can inspect your car clutch and brake systems for stability, and if unstable, they can notify you. Immediately a mechanical problem has been located, car repair begins.

General Car Services

Your car needs both major and general services to remain in excellent condition. Read your car’s handbook to know how often you need to take your car for major and minor services. Generally, a major service is recommended for every 40,000 kilometers and minor service every 10,000 kilometers. These services include fluid inspection, checking lubrication, and emissions, tire rotation, and replacing oil and oil filters. For major services, our mechanic checks engine management, wheel alignment, the condition of the brakes, and the tightness of engine bolts. Major services are essential for the safety and performance of your car and we carry them out less frequently compared to minor services. Our general car services involve changing the engine oil and checking the emissions, spark plugs, fuel system, ignition, and all fluid. Braketech carries out all these services with the utmost care at our workshops in Glen Waverley.

Roadworthy Certificates

It is mandatory to have a roadworthy certificate when selling or buying a vehicle. The certificate guarantees drivers safety so you can buy or sell your car confidently. It is against the law to sell or purchase an uncertified vehicle, and it is a safety liability for other road users, passengers, and the driver. As per the guidelines that Vic Roads has set out, an authorized licensed vehicle tester has to check your car thoroughly before issuing the roadworthy certificate. Braketech is licensed to issue roadworthy certificates for all petrol, LPG and diesel cars in Glen Waverly.

Battery Accessories

Our auto parts shop has the best batteries and battery accessories, such as battery parts, cables, terminals, and cable connectors. We can also replace your car’s battery. Our battery warranty does not cover accident, damage, oil spill, and alternator faults that cause either under-charging or over-charging. When parking your car for an extended period, disconnect both the positive and negative terminals from the battery to extend its life and ensure that the warranty is not voided.

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